Do you learn by seeing? Do you want someone to help you through some difficult, multi-step process? Then we have thing just for you, video screencasts! Below are a few our main screencasts, but if you have an idea for a screencast, please feel free to drop us a line.Suggest a Screencast…

Selling an Item on eBay

Screencast 1 – Selling an Item on eBay In today’s screencast you will learn how to sell an item on eBay. We will cover the following concepts: Briefly discuss how to setup an eBay and PayPal Account The fees associated with selling on eBay Steps to list your item Discuss Post-Sale Process Some Shipping Concerns […]

Getting Started with Dropbox

Screencast 0 – Getting Started with Dropbox In our first ever screencast we discuss a very useful tool – Dropbox. Dropbox is a web service that provides a very special folder on your computers and mobile devices, what ever you save into this folder will be copied to your other computers that you have Dropbox […]

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