Site Refresh and New Features

If you haven’t already noticed, we have updated the visual look of our site. We have lighten up the design by removing some of the darker elements of the site – notably the background images have been replaced by pure CSS with no drop shadow and new icons. We have also utilized some of the new features of CSS 3 and HTML 5 through the site – with more to come. We have also refined some of the elements on the pages, so the site is more relaxed – instead of in your face.

New Features

As the title mentioned, we have added a few new features to the site – Improved FAQs Section and a New Screencast Section. The FAQ Section has been rolled out to its own little section of the site with an improved interface and the ability to suggest questions for the FAQ section. Speaking of suggesting questions for the FAQ, if you have some questions please ask them in the comments of this article.

We’re also happy to announce a brand new section – Screencasts – in which we will discuss almost any topic relating to technology – applications, tutorials, tips & tricks, and much more. Our first screencast will be available Friday, May 6, and the topic for our first screencast will be – Getting Started with Dropbox.

If you have an idea or suggestion for our new screencast series, please feel free to drop a line in the comments or through our contact form.

Your Thoughts

Feedback of our site refresh, questions for the FAQs, and suggestions for Screencasts are all welcome – post your thoughts in the comments.

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