Remote Tech Support

Mad Scientist Technologies offers remote support* to help you resolve your computer problems over the Internet. By using our remote support you get your computer fixed fast and you save money†.

How it Works

  1. Call our office to schedule appointment
  2. One of our technicians will call you and have you install our remote support client
  3. Then the technician will resolve your problem while you watch or you can go do other things

Download Client

Remote Support Agent


  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mac OS x 10.4.6
  • Broadband Internet Connection (128Kbps or Higher)

* Remote support can only resolve software issues, e.g. installing software, remove spyware/virus, software issues, etc. Remote support can not be used to resolve physical hardware problem(s), that requires physical access to the computer.

† If remote support does not resolve the issue, and requires on premises support, the remote support fee will be included in the final invoice.

Support Options

On Premise Support

Need help in your home or office? No problem, we can come to you!

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Remote Support

Do you need assistants, but your too busy? Then Remote Support is the Best Option!

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Get Help Online

Need help right now? Then the forums are the best place for immediate help.



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