PSA: Facebook & Twitter Apps Security

Public Service Announcement for Social Media Users (Facebook & Twitter)

I find it interesting how easy it would be to mine people’s personal identifying information using a Facebook app. Not that I would do that. — Mad9Scientist via Twitter

With the increased popularity of Social Media Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ – a rogue party could steal your personally identifying information – PII – without even trying. Most of the major social media networks allow third parties to connect to your account and perform actions on your behalf, some of these actions are for useful services where others are not so.

To help protect yourself from having your personally identifying information shared with rogue parties is to carefully review the permission’s required by each application that you allow to connect to your account and to regularly review your current applications. In the videos below, you will learn how to check the applications and their permissions that have access to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Review Facebook Applications – Video

Review Twitter applications – Video

With this information you should now be more protected from Phishing expeditions on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Phishing: The fraudulent practice of sending communications to a victim that is believed to come from a legitimate company, to induce the victim to reveal personally identifying information to a rogue third party.

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