Poll Results: How Often Do You Replace Your Computer?

The results are mostly, in – for our current poll question.

How Often Do You Replace Your Computer?

We posed this question to our readers and passersby for over an year and we have decided to wrap this poll up. The results are as follows.

Answer# of Votes% of Votes
Yearly or Less22%
Every Other Year88%
Every Three Years1515%
Every Four Years2626%
When it Finally Quits Working3535%
Upgrades as Needed / Infinite1414%

Based on the results, most people will replace there computer when the machine finally fails. I don’t know if this means that the computer just stops working or when it just become so slow and unusable that it might as well have stopped working (As in cases of heavy spyware infections on Windows Based Machines). But that is a failure on my part in creating the poll.

A new poll will be up in a week or so. Until then, share your thoughts on this poll below in the comments!

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