New Server (Update)

As mentioned in the previous post, we have been busy moving the Mad Scientist Technologies web site and many our online services to a new server. I am happy to say we have successfully transitioned to our new server!

Site Changes

To recap some of the changes we implemented to the site during the move:

  • Transition to a new Forum – Check it Out
  • We discontinued our live chat support service
  • The following online services are pending review:
    • Online Appointment Scheduler
    • Web to Phone Support
    • Support Ticket System

To read more about why we changed the above services, please see our overview page.

Oh.. One More Thing

As with any move in the real world moving a web site is no different, things can go missing, break, or just go crazy. So, we ask if you run across something that isn’t working, missing, or just seems wrong, please tell us. You can either tell us in the comments of this page or use our contact form to inform us.

If you find a security related problem, please use our contact form to report it.

The Mad Scientist Technologies Team

Support Options

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