Q: Reset Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker

If you have an Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker and you are having problems connecting a previous paired device or even connecting to the SoundLink Speaker. Try resetting the Speaker with the following steps.

To reset the Bose SoundLink Speaker:

  1. On the speaker, press and hold the Mute button for 10-12 seconds or until the LED Indicators Flash
  2. The speaker should now be powered off, now press the Power button to power the speaker back on.
  3. Now, try connecting your Bluetooth device to the Bose SoundLink Wireless Speaker.

If the above steps did not work, please visit Bose Product Support for more helpful troubleshooting steps.

Please note: The above steps are included in the users manual for the product however, the steps are located under the troubleshooting section for poor audio quality.

Update: November 2012

If you have tried the above steps, and your Bluetooth device is still unable to connect to the Bose SoundLink Speaker, you may need to clear the Bluetooth pairing settings for the Bose SoundLink Speaker – on the device(s) you are attempting to pair the speaker with. For example, if you can not get the speaker to pair with your iPhone, you need to delete the pairing entry on the iPhone and then re-pair the speaker to the iPhone.

Since the number of devices that have Bluetooth capabilities, the particular steps to delete or un-pair a device is outside the scope of this article.

Update: Flashing Red Battery Light (January 2015)

If your Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker’s battery indicator is flashing red, this usually means the battery has less than 20% charge, or the speaker’s battery is in battery protection mode – and is need of charging.

Battery Protection Mode

The Bose Soundlink Speaker will enter into Battery Protection mode after 24 days, if the unit is not used and/or charged during this period of time.

To resolved both of these issues is to connect your Bose SoundLink Speaker to it AC Adapter for a minimum of 4 hours of continuous charging before attempting to use the speaker.

However in some cases, the battery in your SoundLink may be defective or has reach the end of its useful life and would need to be replace. If you have attempted the above tips multiple times, you may want to contact Bose Technical Support for additional support.

Update: September 29, 2018 – SoundLink Speakers without Mute Button

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Notice – This has not been tested on actual hardware.

If you have a new SoundLink Speaker that does not have a mute button as described above, you can reset the list of paired devices on your SoundLink Speaker by following the below steps.

Note: This process will clear all previously connected devices from the speaker’s memory. Any previously connected devices will need to be re-paired with the speaker, before they will work.

  1. Press and Hold the Bluetooth Button for 10 Seconds, until you hear “Bluetooth Device List Cleared” and the Bluetooth Light is blinking Blue.
  2. Delete or Forget the entry for the Speaker from your device.
  3. Now attempt to pair your device with the Speaker.

These steps should work on Bose’s more current lineup of portable speakers including:

Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Mad Scientist Technologies.

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  24. Walew says:

    When I power my soundlink on it gets stuck in “pairing mode”. The Bluetooth light continually blinks and the message on my iPhone is make sure device is powered on. I have reset my soundlink several times. No luck. I have removed the battery several times, no luck. ..????

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    Worked like magic, though a day late to find tis forum. You wonder the why Bose doesn’t have this in the troubleshot section.

  32. Ceebobo says:

    Worked like magic, though a day late to find this forum. You wonder the why Bose doesn’t have this in the troubleshoot section.

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    I have a problem to connect my device in the soundlink wireless speaker. The bluetooth is blinking all the time. I tried to reset and still the Bluetooth is blinking. Could somebody have an idea how can I have my soundlink wireless work????

    Thanks a lot,


    • Diana says:

      That is my problem too!! Very aggervating! I held down the mute button and did that step to reset. That doesn’t work for this problem. My Iphone 4s and speaker are trying to pair nonstop but can’t!!

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    • Becky says:

      I have problems pairing with multiple devices too. I don’t know if it’s Bose’s fault or a flaw with Bluetooth itself, but it’s quite irritating. When we first got the speaker, we paired by boyfriend’s HTC phone, my iphone 4 and an old ipod touch to it. Now we only use the itouch because the speaker has such problems switching devices. Sometimes the speaker won’t even pick up music from the itouch even if that was the last device used. This seems to happen mostly if we shut the music off on the paired device rather than on the speaker itself.

  53. Chanh Nguyen says:

    I have now two Bose Sounklink Wireless and one IPad 2; I opened Bluetooth and hear music I can hear two boses at the same time like Stereo right side & left side . Thank .Chanh.

    • shahab says:

      Hi Chanh, I already tried to connect 2 speakers with my Iphone 5S, the Iphone can detect both speakers, but it only can play one speakers at a time. When i search the web bout this i found this: copy from the apple website about pairing 2 speakers:
      “The Bose Sound Link Mini does not support “multiplay”. However both the Jambox Mini and the UE Boom do. Very easy to pair the speakers to each other and listen to a single source. The Sound Link also does not charge via a standard micro usb and does not include speaker phone capability. However, having used all 3 devices the Bose provides great sound.”
      “Unfortunately not with bluetooth. The only option would be the AUX in on both SoundLink Mini’s and using a splitter off your single device.”
      i just want to know how do you pair both speakers and play two bose’s at the same time like stereo right side & left side..
      Would really need your advice on this..

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    Something else you can try is resetting the Bluetooth on the Soundlink by holding the Bluetooth button down for ten seconds till it beeps, as we couldn’t’ get the iPhone 5 to connect at all till we did this. And since then clearing the pairing on the phone is still required and often have to reset Bluetooth:(

    Same as Tony – with four phones in the family (iPhone 4, 5, a HTC and Blackberry) yes they all work one at a time, but resetting each time is NOT IN THE MANUAL…..”can pair up to SIX bluetooth devices” is….

    Tried to do the Software Update, on two computers (Macbook Air and HP Laptop) both hung for 30 minutes 🙁

    Will be calling Bose during the week to see if this can be sorted

    Apart from the above, Bluetooth is surprising pretty stable, with only the odd hiccup plus a very good sounding device that pumps out clearer and louder than our Tivoli Audio iSongbook

    • RM says:

      Thank you Alex! Two trips to Apple and they couldn’t help us with the I phone 5/Bose connection. This worked !!!

    • vel says:

      Hey Alex,

      I’m having the same issue while trying to update via the software hung for 30min. Did you find a solution?

      I’m also having a issue while playing, the speaker resets after a while, sometime it plays find, sometime every two min.

  58. Mina says:

    Why does Bose or iOS not tell us this little secret to make the pairing thank you for your help who ever discovered how to fix the problem I was fighting 6 hours trying to pair and thought my device had malfunctioned

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  60. Janne says:

    Have done all those things and still unable to connect Bose to even a single computer. Have tried Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7… none of those connects to Bose. Still for example iPad, iPod and Nokia Symbian phone all connected without any problems. I am not satisfied with Bose after this experience… This expensive product should work better. Dissatisfied customer.

    • shahab says:

      Hi Janne, hope this will help with your connection problem:
      Cannot pair the speaker with my
      Bluetooth device
      • Make sure your speaker is discoverable. Press the Bluetooth button until the Bluetooth indicator slowly
      blinks blue.
      • Make sure the Bluetooth capability of your Bluetooth device is turned on.
      • Make sure you select “Bose Mini SoundLink” in the pairing list on your device and that connection is
      confirmed by your device.
      • Your Bluetooth device may be out of range—try moving it closer to the speaker.
      • If possible, turn off all other nearby Bluetooth devices or disable their Bluetooth functionality.
      • Refer to the owner’s guide, help system, or technical support for your Bluetooth device to learn how it pairs
      with other Bluetooth devices.
      • Make sure your Bluetooth device supports the A2DP (stereo Bluetooth) profile.
      • When connecting to a PC or Mac computer, make sure that you select the Bose®
      Mini speaker
      as the audio output device within the audio settings menu of the device. You may need to play an audio
      track to finalize the connection (see the device manufacturer for detailed instructions).
      • Reset the speaker: Press the Mute button for ten seconds. Your Bluetooth device is disconnected and
      the Bose®
      Mini speaker turns off. Press the Power button to turn the speaker back on, and
      got this solution on the bose soundlinkmini users manual http://worldwide.bose.com/library/assets/pdf/guides/soundlink_mini/en/owg_en_soundlink_mini.pdf

  61. Pete says:

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    I had my Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile speaker paired with my Windows Vista Notebook, since I upgraded to Windows 7, I simply cannot pair it again.
    Will try the procedure suggested here and let you know the results.
    Appreciated this forum, really helpful.

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    I tried to charge my battery but even though the charger is connected, the red light keep blinking. It is an indication that my batteries is dead? I bought my Bose soundlink Bluetooth speaker not even a year. Would appreciate if someone here can give me a clue. Thanks…

    • Jon says:

      I have this issue too. Blinking red battery light while charging. What does it mean???

    • ML Draves says:

      help same problem red light flashes when plugged in. NFG

    • Javier says:

      hi!… are you able to solve the problem of red light? i have the same problem, really is it the second time that happen, the first time that happened I unplugged and plugged the charger while pressing a button by button… and… the first time it worked… but.. not now

    • Ralphy says:

      i have same problem with you celine. i have soundlink mini 2.
      have you recovered yours?

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    A failed attempt to pair my Soundlink with a Linux Mint PC made it to be out of reach for my other devices. I even tried an unsuccessful firmware update which made it stall even more with all lights blinking and no way to close it. I was even contemplating taking it to the dealer but your trick solved my problem….phew!!!

    Thanks a lot!!!

  83. Alex says:

    This worked for me a couple of times but now when I reset the 3 lights stay on (AUX, Bluetooths symbol and Mute symbol) and then nothing can be done. even if I reset again they flash but then stay on constant once I let go, I cant even turn it off.
    I tried Bose updates but it says to hold AUX til the lights flash, which doesn’t work, and when I hold MUTE it doesn’t do anything to recognise it.

    • Saurabh Dubey says:

      Alex did you get any solotuin for this…i am getting the same error….

      • Guilherme says:

        Same error for me too (2 diferent Soundlink Mini). It started as soon as inserted the USB servisse cable, and connected to the computer. Even before the update process started. Now both units seem to be locked!!

        • Guilherme says:

          I say service Cable

        • Antonio says:

          I have the same problem! wth! does anyone fixed it?

        • shahab says:

          Hi Guilherme, I also have the same problem, try this,
          Reset the speaker. Press the Mute button for ten seconds, until the indicators briefly flash. Your Bluetooth device is disconnected and the SoundLink®
          Mini speaker turns off. Press the Power button to turn the
          speaker back on, and reconnect.

      • Juan says:

        Saurabah did you fix it? i have the same problem.. thanks

    • Chaiyarat says:

      Alex….Having the same problem of MUTE, BLUETOOTH and AUX LED lit up the same time. Can not do anything. I leave the speaker for a few days and the LED is still there. Any solution you find. Difficult for me to find a service center around where I live. Want to know if I can DIY this myself or really need to send to service center. Thanks in advance.

      • shahab says:

        • Reset the speaker. Press the Mute button for ten seconds, until the indicators briefly flash. Your Bluetooth device is disconnected and the SoundLink®
        Mini speaker turns off. Press the Power button to turn the
        speaker back on, and reconnect.
        • Clear the speaker memory (see “Clearing memory” on page 15). Pair the Bluetooth device and the
        speaker again.
        • Turn the power off and back on, and reconnect.

      • Bartomeu says:

        Hello Chaiyarat, I have exactly the same problem as you: the mute, bluetooth and aux LEDs are on (white light) permanently, and the speaker does not reproduce any music. Did you find any solution for this?

        • Alexis Hogan says:

          AHHHH… LED of bluetooth, mute and aux are permanently on. The speakers don’t respond to any command, please help!

        • Alexis Hogan says:

          AHHHH… LED of bluetooth, mute and aux are permanently on. The speakers don’t respond to any command, please help!

    • John F says:

      Hi Alex,
      Did you find out how to solve this?

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    Happy to report that this works on the Soundlink Mini as well. I was having trouble connecting to my Mac Mini and I thought the problem was the computer, but after a reset and having the same problems with other devices, it was clear the issues were within the speaker.

    Thank you so much for this, really this was a time and frustration saver!

  94. Barb Krauter says:

    I have a Bose Mini (wireless), purchased a couple weeks ago to go with new HP ENVY tower running Windows 08. Bose actually did include above instructions with my device. Sound quality is wonderful! But here’s my problem: I seem to lose connectivity every time I log off or leave the computer for an extended period (computer still turned on), even though the device window shows paired/connected. The Bose also shows connected (steady white light). There’s just no sound. HP won’t help unless I purchase a fairly expensive support policy. My solution is to “remove device” and then “add new device” from the devices/printers screen every time. My wireless keyboard, mouse and Epson printer DO stay connected. What am I missing? Should I be looking at Windows 08 or is it the computer? Barb

  95. Joe says:

    Thank you Sir for your help. Worked for me after going through the manual serveral times. (mines an original soundlink) This is something Bose should have posted.

  96. Bill says:

    Perfect, thanks

  97. Jure says:

    Please help. I have HP pro-book 4740s. Cannot connect it with Bose Sound Link Mini.
    I tried your trick but it is not working for me.
    Bose is working on my I phone, with my TV, but laptop nothing..
    I bought it for the laptop. Im working on windows 7
    BTW computer is brand new.
    Please help because im in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.


  98. Bobby Mann says:


    Please help: I have not used my bose Soundlink air speakers for 12 days and now I am not able to get this ON even connecting to power.


    Bobby Mann

  99. R O' Donoghue says:

    I will never buy a Bose product, tried everything nothing but problems, cost me almost 500 euros, too much hassle , it works it dose not work, fell like smashing it against the wall.

  100. R O' Donoghue says:

    I very much appreciate your service , kind of you, Cheers

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    My soundmini shots off after while in aux. Mode then comes back on agaig ????

  103. miguel says:

    My bose sound mini music shot off in aux. Mode then comes back on ????

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    My Soundlink Mini just drops out, popping noises, have tried every reset, including the source.

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    That worked. I didn’t know that trick. We actually took one back for an exchange for the same reason!

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    it finally worked. I had to delete the bose devise off my iPhone 5 then it worked

  111. Ed says:

    I left the Bluetooth button pressed for a couple of seconds and that’s what worked for me.

  112. Toby says:

    Thanks – worked perfectly

  113. Bob says:

    The Bluetooth light on my Soundlink won’t go off and will not engage into the pair/connect mode. Therefore, it will not work. Does anyone have any ideas?

  114. bob says:

    I can’t get the Bluetooth light to stop flashing and to go to connect. Any ideas out there?

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    thanks workd for me !

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    Thanks a ton. It worked like magic.

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  120. Sebastian says:

    By the way if you would like to update the BoseSoundlink to the latest software 2.0. You’ll need to do the following;

    1. Download the software from Bose http://worldwide.bose.com/downloads/en/web/bose_bluetooth_speaker_download/page.html
    2. Clear the Bluetooth memory by pressing the BLUETOOTH button for 10 seconds until you hear a tone.
    3. Reset the system by pressing the MUTE button for 12 seconds.
    4. Connect the speaker to your computer by USB.
    5. Press the AUX button for about 10 Seconds until it blinks.
    6. The speaker should connect an begin with the update.

    Don’t get discourage if it nothing happens the 10 times. You might also need to download the software 2 or 3 times too.

  121. Mark says:

    Thank you. The mute reset worked for me.

  122. hideko says:

    Awesome! worked perfect 🙂

  123. HaileStorm says:

    Thank you so much for publishing this info!!! My Soundlink Mini was stuck in firmware update mode, this literally saved me from disappointment!

    One question though, Microsoft Windows 8 or Vista can’t seem to find the diver of the Soundlink Mini, would you know any website wherein I can download the driver separately from the update software? The software won’t detect my Mini at all…

  124. Jo Mama says:

    Saved our Christmas tunes! Thank you!

  125. Cattis says:

    Love you! 🙂

  126. Logan says:

    I guess it’s not any news to anyone who’s read the comments, but thank you so much! It worked the first time. I thought it was just my phone and I spent 30 very frustrating minutes trying to figure out what was wrong.

  127. marisol says:

    Hello.. we also have a problem, its pairing but with very low volume… (on an iMac with 10.8.5)…. and the first time it worked perfect but after connecting it once with an iPhone it sounds like this.. 🙁

  128. Victor says:

    Thanks, good tip!

  129. Victor says:

    Thanks, good tip. Happy new year!

  130. Belinda says:

    You guys are legends! I followed the tips, but no luck, then looked through other comments and followed the prompts to go to iphone & forget the Bose device, turn off Bluetooth then turn back on & boom shanka it paired straight away. FANTASTIC IM THRILLED! Thanks again:)

  131. Matthew says:

    Thank you! This helped me too. It’s important to reset and then unpair, then pair again. Unpairing and then pairing again without the reset first does nothing.

  132. Alan says:

    This did not work for me.
    The green power light was on but the soundlink mini would not pair and it would not play on AUX when connected and it would not switch input.
    I followed the reset instructions “hold mute for 10 seconds” and now all the indicator lights are ON with no option to turn on the device
    Green light will not turn back on.
    I downloaded the latest software from BOSE and followed the instructions, but that did not seem to make a difference.
    I do not have a star screwdriver that size, so I am going to let the battery die (no idea how long it will take) If it takes more than a day, I’ll go buy one.

  133. Moksaphoto says:

    I have a soundlink mini and it worked like a charm. Thanks for your useful post!

  134. Rob says:

    Thank You so much !

    Had no problem Pairing Ipod to speaker, but couldn’t Pair my iPhone … bingo, you saved the day ! ! !

  135. Juni says:

    Hi there, i have a problem with my bose soundlink mini, there is no emit tone or sound to the speaker, the blooth connection is ok from my iphone 5. but there is no music sound to the speaker.

  136. DJ Naples says:

    It’s actually a great and helpful piece of information.

    I am happy that you just shared this helpful info with us.
    Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  137. Marijn says:

    My bose soundlink mini shows 3 white lights (mute, bluetooth and aux-button). Can anyone help me?

    • Paula says:

      Marijn did you figure out how to fix this? The same is happening to mine… Thank you!

    • Toon says:

      Did you solve your problem with the three indicators lit? I have the same problem.
      Thx for sharing this with me.


      • John F says:

        Hi Toon,

        any news?
        What did you come up with?


      • Mauricio Sepulveda says:

        I Toon. Same problem here. Well, what you have to do is to take the battery out and wait 5 minutes to install it again. This will give power away from the device and you’ll be able to turn it on or off again. Hope this answer may help you. Regards.

  138. Glenn says:

    Thank you Alex! Hold the Bluetooth button down for 10 seconds!

  139. Chris says:

    I have the Mark 2. Your page on this, very clear and easy to follow and understand. Page printed/downloaded for future reference without issue. I’m a happy bunny 🙂 Thank You.

  140. Kurt says:

    Perfect; thanks for your recommendation!!

  141. sweta patel says:

    Thanks a lot,,, it saved my career,,,, i had a very important song testing to be presented to my financiers,,,, it helped a lot,,,,, was trying to connect since 2 days,,,, but followed your steps,,, pressed mute button and hold it for few seconds and restarted and got detectable,,,, thanks,,,

  142. Poppy says:

    Thank you! It works!!!!

  143. artD says:

    thanks for support..you save my unit for throwing it..he he he ..appreciated

  144. Josie says:

    my bluetooth and auxilary lights were both flashing white and i tried this method and it worked. Just make sure to hold down the mute button for long enough.


  145. Missy says:


  146. Chaiyarat says:

    Alex….Having the same problem of MUTE, BLUETOOTH and AUX LED lit up the same time. Can not do anything. I leave the speaker for a few days and the LED is still there. Any solution you find. Difficult for me to find a service center around where I live. Want to know if I can DIY this myself or really need to send to service center. Thanks in advance.

  147. Gus says:

    Thanks bro absolute lifesaver

  148. Victor says:

    Worked like a charm. Much thanks for your expertise.

  149. Ndego says:

    Mine fell and I have done all I can but it’s not playing, is paired with my iPhone but it just won’t play out, I have done the reset but nothing! Please help

  150. Ndego says:

    My soundlink mini fell and now it’s mute! Please help

  151. Kev says:

    I have a problem with a bose soundlink mini. My problem is. I charge it up. Yeah fine. I connect to my phone. I play a song. And sometimes i get 30 seconds play amd it resets itself. Sometimes it can be an hour or longer. Very tempremental. I went in to the bose store and they reset both system and bluetooth. I played it gor a while. Got home 20 minutes later and it rest again. It pissin me off. I dont wanna send it back because i will have to wait 2-3 weeks for it to be repaired and i just cant wait that long. My personal opinion on the matter is it could be a faulty battery. Because when i put it on charge it filled up. And i noticed while it was still plugged in the green LED which is normally solid was blinking yellow/green. If any one could shed some light on the situation it would be a great help as i dont really want yo wait 2-3wks because i doubt they are going to give me a replacement while mine is being repaired.

    • shahab says:

      Hi Kev, i got the same problem too… any suggestion?

    • Cesar says:

      I also had the same problem. It shuts off specialy if you turn the volume pretty high even when the battery is fully charged. I took it to a Bose service center but they said there’s nothing wrong with it. So I still insisted that they observe it since it only occurs randomly. So after 3 weeks of waiting they replaced my unit with a new one since it is still under warranty. They can’t even explain what’s wrong (what do you expect, its Middle East). So after about 3 months using this new one, same problem also occurs.

      • MT says:

        nope not only in the Middle East buddy. Happened to me here in The States. Same problem and I gave it to them and they couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with it so they replaced it with a new one and the same shit is happening again… very disappointed…

  152. JEFF says:

    BOSE sucks!!! I have to reset this piece of crap every other day. My SoundStep (200.00 less) works like a charm!!!

    • Elf says:

      Same here! I have to reset this thing repeatedly. Sometimes multiple times durning one session of listening. Otherwise it either does not connect, or just skips. The skipping audio thing happens regardless of what I’m using to drive it (computer, iphone, etc.). A pain the @ss device. Anyone have a solution to this problem?

  153. Byron says:

    thank you so much…it took me a while to figure it out because Bose Product Support is not answering phone calls as of the moment…but your tip/s solved my problem anyway, again thank you

  154. Toon says:

    My sound link mini does not turn on. The three LED indicators are lit. When I perform a reset, the three LED indicators start flashing, but the speaker does not power off. So the indicators remain lit.
    Anyone knows a solution?

  155. Ron says:

    Thanks so much! You’re a lifesaver!

  156. Acika says:

    Hi there!
    I have the same issue as Toon
    My sound link mini does not turn on or off. The three LED indicators are lit. When I perform a reset, the three LED indicators start flashing, but the speaker does not power off. So the indicators remain lit.
    Anyone knows a solution?

    • shahab says:

      Hi Acika, try this:
      Reset the speaker. Press the Mute button for ten seconds, until the indicators briefly flash. Your Bluetooth device is disconnected and the SoundLink Mini speaker turns off. Press the Power button to turn the speaker back on, and reconnect

    • John F says:

      I’m having the same issue. Anyone have an idea?

    • charles says:

      exactly the same problem, but on a brand new out of the box unit…
      huge disappointment

  157. Louai says:

    I haven’t use the soundlink for more than 30 days. I have connected it to AC. The battery continues to flicker and is not charging. I have tried to reset by pressing the mute bottom, however the problem remains. can anyone help?

  158. Louai says:

    I haven’t use the soundlink for more than 30 days. I have connected it to AC. The battery continues to flicker and is not charging. I have tried to reset by pressing the mute bottom, however the problem remains. can anyone help? thanks

  159. Herb says:

    I also have the same issue as Louai, the red battery light on my speaker is continuosly flashing, but it is not charging or turning on, even when plugged into AC. Have reset it, nothing. Please help! Thanks

  160. Mari Phoebe says:

    So thankful that I found this site. Been trying to pair for three weeks. Clearing the settings worked!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  161. Fred says:

    I was enjoying music from my soundlink in the garage then all of a sudden…. nothing! The wire connection worked fine, bluetooth dead! I thought is was due to the sun spots/solar storms warned about by the news. I believed the bluetooth portion was RIP! The reset worked great, the first time! You are the Master… Thanks for sharing!!!

  162. jahv says:

    Bose sound link mini just turns off when playing music ? Anyone having that problem?

  163. Garrett says:

    wonderful issues altogether, you just received a emblem new reader.
    What may you recommend in regards to your post
    that you just made some days ago? Any sure?

  164. Fred says:

    Worked instantly, thanks I’m happy to have my tunes back.

  165. Charlon says:

    Help me plzzzz…. My bose mini did not charge… Still off.. Help me..

  166. Brett says:

    Hey guys, My Bose soundlink mini also turns off when playing. I think it fries itself if you have it on max volume.. Then what it does is just randomly shuts off, all the white lights blink and out it goes. Could be 1min or 1hour doesn’t matter it just drops.. I sent the Bose away and it got repaired in… over 2months! 🙁 Here is what they said was faulty and required replacement:
    Bose Soundlink PSU, Kit adadptors APAC, Rear grill, PCB Assy Boost, PCB I/O, Main PCB, Tap Adaptor, TAP command cable to suit AV 48 and the Amp PCB..

    Yet after about 1 week of great playing it has now died again. So disappointed i’ll have to send this back in for another 2-3 months when I’ve only had it 1 year now.. Including repair time. :S

    • Moksaphoto says:

      Hi there,

      I have the same issue with shut downs. I use the unit at high volume usually for my dance classes. In the first year everything was fine, but now, every third week the units shuts down in the middle of a song without any warning, all lights are out like if you would turn it off completely. I am guessing some part will get overheated and a safety circuit shuts it down… When I turn it back after, everything is fine again for a while, but it is really embarrasing… it looks like BOSE still have not answered this problem but I would be happy if someone could help…

  167. Leo says:

    Thanks bro! No more “music from the phone speakers” days!!

  168. Anil says:

    Great Bro! Wasted 2 days trying various options. Your solutions worked for me. Thanks a lot!!!

  169. cassidy says:

    Thank you for info it worked saved me money!!!:)))

  170. Ken Johnson says:

    Perfect! Thank you!

  171. Naro says:

    Awesome, thanks!!!!

  172. mark says:

    scrolled through all the helpful hints.. thanks guys… butttttttttt… unfortunately i have a new fault… 🙁 after a few minutes the aux , blue tooth and mute light come on for an instant and then the speaker switches off.. it will switch back on straight away but then do the same a few minutes later… any and all advice gratefully received.. dont want to gave up on it the sound is bad ass.. 🙂

  173. Adryel says:

    Mine is also turning off when playing. Randomly. HELP!!

  174. Josh says:

    Same issue. Not happy with this. Never again.

    • Josh says:

      Embarrassing when you’re entertaining guests and it constantly does this. Absolutely unacceptable and BOSE has done absolutely nothing about it.

  175. Bobby says:

    Thanks – worked for me – so easy when you know how

  176. Paul says:

    Mine keeps shutting off too and its driving me crazy! Aux., bluetooth, and power lights light up and it cuts off??? Ridiculous…Pay high dollar for this product to avoid these ussues. Anyone find a solution for this? Defective speaker that needs to be exchanged?

  177. sharayu says:

    i hv bose soundlink bluetooth mobile speaker II…. Frm lst 2-3 dayz m trying to switch it on bt itz stl nt working i tried putting it on for chrgng but its evn nt shwng me dat d device is gettn chrgd… plz hlp me 🙁

  178. Tom says:

    Spot on. Thank you very much!

  179. Navin says:

    wow..gr8 option. thanks..it works for me

  180. Lawrence says:

    My Bose mini refused powering on I tried the reset instructions and it worked perfect for me

  181. George says:

    Thank you, I can now get back to work in the kitchen 🙂

  182. Eric says:

    Another greatful person you helped out. Thanks.

  183. Daniel S says:

    I have the Bose sound link mini and I have the same problem, red light flashing, tried the reset but no luck, help! Somebody help!

  184. Nanaimo says:

    Jesus this pisses me off. I too have the 3 white lights on constantly ( after having had the green power light & non stop & then performing the hold mute button down forb10+ second reset)… nothing seems to work to reset this POS. Grrrr.

    All the advice just reiterates is “reset by holding down the mute button”… I’m a smart tech savvy guy… nothing seems to work.

    Bought 2 units for xmas for my son & I… both sound good when they work, but frankly they are each glitch already, 10 days of use each.

  185. Jerry Walsh says:

    Ok heres one for you…..She is set up and the Bluetooth is white solid.

    The speaker has no sound when playing windows media player (BUT) the speakers on the computer play.

    Here’s where it gets tricky.

    If I turn off the bose power button the music STOPS on the windows media player and you have to press play on the media player to get it to play again but again it only plays through the computer speakers.

    I have held the mute button and bluetooth buttons etc,

    NOW…If I plug the mini into the headphones with a cord it works fine….but I can’t get it to play the sound out of the mini through blue tooth.

    Ok I am waiting patiently……or impatiently is maybe better word for it.

    Thanks jer

  186. Antonio says:

    Thanks, problem solved

  187. Sue says:

    Okay I had the same problem. I use the speakers with my samsung galaxy S4. same scenario as Jerry. So I just restarted my PHONE and it works!!!.


  188. Robert says:

    As many others have mentioned I am also experiencing the problem where the Bose will flash all white lights for a second then stop playing and shut off for no reason. I’ve had it for a year now and it will go weeks without doing this then other times it will do it over and over again. So annoying especially since this was one of the most expensive bluetooth speakers out there. Very unhappy with this product.

  189. Nuno says:

    Worked great.

  190. stuart says:

    I also have the red battery light flashing and it wont power up any ideas????

  191. Darren says:

    I have the same problem with the soundlink mini II flashing 3 of the lights and then shuts off on its own during use. Sometimes it will be fine for a week or so and then it will go back to doing this, recently only staying on for a few minutes at a time. It’s very frustrating, especially considering the premium paid for what is supposed to be a quality product. It has basically become useless to me and I am unfortunately considering buying something else and it won’t be a Bose again.

  192. purplefishz says:

    i also have the same issue with a bose mini – it just stops playing. Mostly when unplugged but also sometimes when plugged into power. Any thoughts? It worked fine for the first 6-8 months but since then I get this problem. A real pain when I try and take outside – which is why I bought it.

  193. Kelly says:

    I had to rename my cell phone identity to get mine to pair again. Never saw a ‘clear’ option. But it’s working again.

  194. Harasi says:

    Thanks.. My speaker was stuck on update mode .. & this has got me out of troubles.

  195. Harry says:

    Switches off abruptly while playing
    every two to five minutes unless
    I keep it connected to a power source.

    Cannot update firmware on OS X Mavericks (10.9.5) –
    the Bose update app does not detect the device.


  196. Juan says:

    I have the problem of MUTE, BLUETOOTH and AUX LED lit up the same time. i tried doing a reset (holding mute for a few sec), remove battery, etc, but nothing works.

    Did anyone found a solution for this problem? thanks

  197. Macky says:


    Did anyone got the solution for the 3 led lights indicator are on?


  198. Sacha says:

    I have an issue with my Bose. It was working fine and suddenly I cannot hear anything as if the loudspeaker of the unit was broken same as a contact failure. Anyone experimented that? Any help? Thanks

  199. Kenny says:

    I also am having the same 3 flashing lights and the speaker switching off by itself while playing. Sometimes it happens very frequently like every 30sec sometimes it can go days without it happening. I sent it to a bose service center twice! they told me there was nothing wrong. But the problem still persist. Anyone knows what the problem is?

  200. Candy says:

    Thanks for the information! Powering off the speaker worked for me!! Thanks again!!

  201. Diogo says:

    Man you saved my ass! I was thinking I just lost 200 bucks! hehe thank you so much!

    “To reset the Bose SoundLink Speaker:

    1. On the speaker, press and hold the Mute button for 10-12 seconds or until the LED Indicators Flash
    2. The speaker should now be powered off, now press the Power button to power the speaker back on.
    3. Now, try connecting your Bluetooth device to the Bose SoundLink Wireless Speaker.”

  202. Aaron J says:

    Dont suppose you know how to stop my Bose Soundlink Mini from turning my Media player on when it powers down into Power save mode??

  203. Anahita says:

    Hey Tnx for your information but is not working still from yesterday my speaker witch is sound link Bose mini is not getting connect with any device not getting conect with blototh not with aux and also I cannot here the beep and the serious problem is when I take it off from the plug it’s not still on any more can u help me please

  204. Anahita says:

    When the Bose is not in the sharg it’s off even the led is not getting on please help me

  205. Anahita says:

    Hello no body wanna answer me please I need to fix the problem

  206. Miles says:

    I have the same problem with the 3 blinking lights. It is very very annoying. Anyone have any idea how to fix this or what causes it??

  207. Glenn says:

    thankyou very much. It worked!!

  208. Mike says:

    Yea! FINALLY using your instructions got my music going again. Why is it YOUR instructions WORKED, but the instructions BOSE put in the accompanying booklet DIDN’T? THANKS!!

  209. Daniel says:

    Same issue with 3 white lights blink and switch off. Is it only a few people who are unlucky, or is it not a popular problem? Not easy find any info on that issue anywhere.

  210. Andrew says:

    I’ve had the same issue with the 3 blinking lights during playback. It will stop at very random intervals. Very annoying. I’ve tried everything I can think of and everything I’ve read online. Any advice?

  211. Terri t says:

    I Love You!!!! I had to do both steps, then it worked!!!!

  212. Mike says:

    Same issue – about 2 months after warranty expires the speaker will just crash and the 3 lights will flicker. An obvious factory defect – has Bose released any information on correcting this?

  213. Mike1c says:

    Anyone having issues with the speaker not being ‘as loud as it used to be’ ? It’s like it lost it balls. I purchased my Sounlink Mini October/2014/Best Buy.. Still searching for like issues with others but haven’t found anything like the issue I’m having.. I use mine out doors while grilling, cleaning yard etc… Never dropped it or got it wet. I’m totally “OCD” with my electronics and it pisses me off that I’m having this issue. I did try to reset just in case but nothing came of it.. I’d appreciate any info from those who can relate or have a fix. I’ll contact Bose tomorrow afternoon if I haven’t found a solution by then.

    • Dwight says:

      I experienced the same thing but thought it was just me. When I first got it the sound was VERY loud. Afterwards it diminished significantly. My speaker doesn’t even work now and I’m trying to revive it using the instructions on here. These things are apparently only designed to work for so long before needing service or exchanging it for the next newest thing. At present I am stuck with the flashing red battery light which is more than I had before. Bose support told me it should work when the power cord is plugged in but it doesn’t. Really upset with this thing. No reason for it to just hut down like it has.

  214. Atul Salunke says:

    Did any one got the red light flashing issue resolved.kindly post

  215. BW says:

    Thanks! It worked!

  216. Yvonne says:

    Thank you so much, one very happy son! Wish this was on the Bose web site!!!! Nearly sent device back to Bose.

  217. Manny says:

    I think i may have figured out the turning off thing everyone seems to be experiencing…at least in my case, it shuts off after about one song if im playing with the VOLUME ALL THE WAY UP…so, i tried it all the way up minus one, and it seems to be playing without stoping…

    btw I just bought it brand new, the Soundlink Mini 2. seems to have the same issues as the mini 1.

    What’s up with that, Bose?!?

  218. PeterH says:

    One possible solution is to power off your iphone off and on again, then try connecting again. It worked for me.

  219. Kym W says:

    Thank you so much for your advice, worked a treat, I love my Bose speakers!!!

  220. Jason H. says:

    Thank you!

  221. derA says:

    Best! Worked perfect! Thank you so much!

  222. Alice says:

    Fantastic. This saved a major row between my husband and teenage son. Phew!!

  223. Lee says:

    Can anyone help…. i used my Soundlink mini one day, (it was not fully depleted of power to my knowledge after using). I then went to use again 2 days later and it would not pair, and battery light was red; i therefore charged my SL mini…(Overnight) only to find it now has a rapid flashing GREEN light, and will not turn on at all. If i plug in to AC and do a reset by pressing the mute all the lights flash to indicate this has been successful; however the unit will still not turn on either whether it be connected to AC or not.

    There is no mention of a rapid green flashing light on bose technical solutions or any mention of a rapid green flashing battery light..

    I hardly ever use my sound link and only for the occasional use in the garden (once every 2-3 months approx at best) so it not had a lot of use since purchasing upon its release 2-3 years ago. Not happy!. Just to add, i can t even find where a software update or complete reset can be done online, to see if that clears the fault.

    • Dwight says:

      I’m experiencing the same issues with my Soundlink ll speaker. Even ordered a replacement power cord the cost about $25 and still nothing. I finally have a flashing red battery light so I’m leaving it pluged in overnight to see what happens. When I go to the Bose support page and enter my serial # it says no such serial # is found. Very frustrating. Calling support again tomorrow.

  224. lance says:

    yes im up and running again! I knew there was some way to reset it.

  225. Ferdinand Romilla says:

    Still the red light flashing for my soundlink mini how to resolve this problem

  226. Dan says:

    I have what I think is a hardware problem with my Bose SoundLink Speaker. When I plug in the AC charger it will show the yellow charging light and then change to red. If I jiggle the connector on the back of the unit it will change back to yellow … for a while. Sometimes it stays yellow and charges appropriately, but more and more often, it turns red more than yellow.

    Anybody with a solution?

  227. Pippa says:

    amazing! worked first time (re-pairing my Bose Soundlink). thank you!

  228. Marek says:

    I have Bose Soudlink mini II, which was working great for couple of weeks and then issues started showing up.

    There is one issue, which I can’t resolve on my own. This is related to red light blinking. Resting doesn’t help in this case. Anyone knows any solution to this problem?

  229. Robert Mc says:

    Marek- Does the red light blinking continue after a couple of hours on the charger and with the unit not in use? Robert

  230. Q says:

    I have a mini 2. My speaker is on 90% charge. I last used it about 12 hours ago. Couldn’t power it on. Anyone know if this is a glitch or is it a hardware problem ( battery)?it powered on but had to put it on charge

    • Brian says:

      I used my bose soundlink mini it run out battery as usual after tried to charge the battery icon keep blinking red ican put it on I have charge for 12 hours it can’t change and its brand new from amazon what can I do ineed ur help thanx

  231. Esteban says:

    In order to solve the 3 Lights on issue with sounlink mini U just have to NOT SET VOLUME IN 100%, even 99% will help, this is an issue that i hear some other where, try it out for some time now and it works just fine, remember just DONT SET VOLUME TO 100%

  232. Brian says:

    Guys help me blinking red light does not switch on

  233. gabriek says:

    I had the same issue with the three lights I ended up taking it apart disconnecting the battery for 3 days till it died out then put it back together and started working fine for now let’s see for how long

  234. Ralphy says:

    i have also a problem with this red light blinking.
    left the speaker playing on and i guess the battery was discharged. i tried to charge for couple of hours but still the red light is blinking while on the charging dock. if removed from charging, there’s no power at all..
    can somebody help us.
    gladly appreciate it..
    thank you

  235. Gareth says:

    Great stuff worked for me was driving me crazy

    Thanks 🙂

  236. Tom says:

    I have a Bose soundlink ii. I have the red blinking issue. Have also had the speaker not turn on when I press the power button which was resolved by placing it on the charging stand to charge for a few seconds. Once on the charging stand and taking it off straight away it says the power was 80%. Theres definately a glitch in the software. Expected better from Bose for the price.

    I got the red blinking light despite having 70% power and using it every day. Only way I got rid of it was to hold the power button down for 10 seconds to reset the device.

    Seems to be a widespread problem. I won’t be buying another Bose in the future. Pathetic.

  237. Dan P says:


    I see many bring this up but no real answers. Let’s get some HELP!

    Bose Soundlink mini was working fine outside home.
    Brought it home and only blinks red.
    This is NOT a battery issue as I removed battery and connected directly to AC adapter (did not use tray)
    About 2 years old and has effectively died!

    Only when I connect it directly to power, it is able to connect to my android by Bluetooth but no sound. If I turn android bluetooth off, Bose unit reverts to blinking red light so bluetooth connection keeps it in some state where it does not go to this red blinking phase.

    I could live with using it plugged into wall but that doesn’t even work! Even when I remove the battery so clearly this thing has not lasted 2 years and dead to me unless I throw down $100!

    Spoke to Bose support and they want me to mail it in $13 plus $75 (plus tax) for refurb.

    Has anyone else found this issue and figured out a way to get some sound back into it?

    With it due for a new battery, I have to think about finally moving to a new Jambox which I’ve heard and think it is superior.

    Finally, if all else fails, does anyone want a good deal on a two year old battery?

  238. Gonzalo says:

    Hi guys.

    I had the same red light blinking problem as Ralph has. To solve this issue I updated the Soundlink’s software, installing on my PC an App that I downloaded from Bose’s website.

    I used this address: updates.Bose.com/SoundLinkMiniII

    I don´t know if I solved the problem for good….but today, the issue is solved and I have my Soundlink working well…..

  239. Statsey says:

    Pressing & holding the mute button for 10 or so secs worked for me. Before that it had a solid white Bluetooth light and was unresponsive


  240. Jay says:

    Recently bought Bose Sound link miniand now only Red light flashing while keeping it in charging. Not sure whether it is charging. Can somebody help me to get back my Bose? Nothing works at all

  241. Louie Sb says:

    Hi guys! I have a problem with my Soundlink mini also, it suddenly died then won’t turn on or evern charge so I googled the problem and basically do a reset “power + mute” for 10 secs. It resets but now, I only have the mute, aux & bluetooth powers on. What should I do? should I wait for the battery to die then charge again?

  242. edman says:

    thanks!!!! helps a lot, you save my mini soundlink 🙂 .

  243. Carole says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the info………worked first try!!

  244. Chris Wright says:

    Soundlink 1
    When plugged into mains bleeps and flashes yellow then red continuously. Bluetooth works ok. updated to latest firmware and reset with mute button several times. Please advise if it is the battery thats had it where can I buy a new one. Thank you.

  245. Simon says:

    Thank you very much 🙂 this was a big help.

  246. Colin says:

    Mine has failed!
    3 flashing lights, B/T, aux and mute.
    There goes my one and only Bose i have ever owned.
    As an audio perfectionist who only has retro equipment besides a top end dvd player, it is pretty sad.
    Sound Is Life.
    Micro Professionals.
    Cape Town

  247. jason matulewicz says:

    My problem was my iPhone and iPad would not pair with my sound link 3 but they would both pair ok with my sounddock10 the soundlink3 would also pair ok with my iMac tried the reset nothing happened the forget this device then re pair worked a treat.Thanks so much!

  248. Yash says:

    My soundlink mini 2 keeps blinking red battery LED, even after charging one whole day. No trick is working at all. Can anybody please help.

    Thank you.

    Yash Patel

  249. Laura says:

    My AUX button doesn’t seem to work. Bluetooth pairing is fine- when I want to switch toAUX I have the cable set up but it will not stop bluetooth and no aux light indicator shows up.

  250. Margaret says:

    Thanks this was very helpful :))

  251. Pat says:

    Bought Bose mini II speaker, no mute button, won’t pair with iPad Air 2

  252. Jack says:

    Hey, I have the same problem: my soundlink mini turns off randomly, even if it is charging or with full battery. I checked that this happens if I play with all volume.

    Does Someone get fixed? How? Please post here.

  253. Jeremy says:

    THANK YOU!!!!

  254. James says:

    I have this red flashing Battery thing can anybody help me with this it wont charge at all

  255. James says:

    I have this red flashing Battery thing can anybody help me with this it wont charge at all soundlink 3

    • JR says:

      I have a Soundlink III and had the same issue after leaving my Bose on without charging for 14 days and went into survival mode. My niece lost the original charger. When i tried recharging with another charger it came up with the red flashing light. Nearly gave up, then switched to a larger charging unit from my laptop 19V plus it went yellow and started charging again till it went green. Seems like the Bose needs a more beefy charging unit. I’ll try and find the original charger and see if my theory is true. In the mean time, I’ll keep charging with my laptop chord. My laptop is a Asus G75 which is large and needs a fair amount of juice to keep it alive. I hope this might help you after 3 days of scratching my head.

      • Dwight says:

        JR…you’re a GENIUS!!!!!! I haven’t been able to use my Soundlink ll for over a year because it just shut down and nothing on it would work. Had it plugged into the replacement power cord I got from Bose which is worthless and a waste of $25. Long story short…I just read your post here and plugged into my laptop charger and the problem is resolved! Went from the flashing red battery light to hearing the sound the speaker makes when it’s plugged in and now it’s charging! THANK YOU!!!!

  256. Julija says:

    My power light was full on green, but my mp3 player wouldn’t play. I had to do the hold down mute key for 10 sec until lite flashed. Then hit power button, then hit mute button again…finally worked after the 4th time. But it still worked and now I have my music. Thank you very much.

  257. Taylor says:

    worked first time…was desperate…so grateful tahnkyou

  258. Frederic says:

    DIdn’t work out for me. I have a Mac Bookair. The soundlink was working perfectly before. I tried to empty the NVRAM, reset the Bose with th mute button, every advice listed above, but nothing. My mac can “see” the soundlink but when he tries to pair, the blue flashing light goes on, it says connected for a couple of minutes than lost the connection. Even if the audio is set on Bose Soundlink, nothing comes out. I tried to pair with my iPhone and a MacBook Pro and it works perfecty. if anyone has an idea… I’d be so grateful.

  259. na5m says:

    Mute button trick saved the hell out of me! Thanks for that info!!!

  260. Amber says:

    Mute button saved my little soundlink mini. Millions of thanks!

  261. Fred says:

    Finalement pour le problème de clignotant rouge après la réinitialisation doit on le laisser en charge pour 4 hres?

  262. JM says:

    Thank you! fix worked great

  263. Mel says:

    has anyone figured out the problem with it randomly shutting off? (maybe i missed the solution) Seriously not happy with paying for what i thought was a quality product and not even 2 years old it just randomly shuts off.

  264. Hawar says:

    I have a speaker called BE-8 bluetooth speaker it won’t work. I hold the power botton down it flashes free and blue but won’t come on. Help….

  265. Hawar says:

    I have a speaker called BE-8 bluetooth speaker it won’t work. I hold the power botton down it flashes green and blue but won’t come on. Help….

  266. Agnelo says:

    I have Bose mini sound link but it’s keeps on blinking red light when I connect to charge the battery and not connection only….plzzz any one help me thank you

  267. Thank you! This worked for me! Very much appreciated!

  268. Sree says:

    I am unable to switch off my speaker. I tried pressing the
    Power button for some time. Also both the
    Green light indicator is on and the speaker is
    Not responding to usb after connected. Pls help…

  269. heena says:

    I’m unable to turn off the Bluetooth of the wireless Bose even I tried to press out the power off button but no respond……..the pink indicator was still there….
    Plss help need for help

  270. Gabe says:

    So I bought a new battery for my bose bluetooth speaker. The red battery light is flashing. I did the 4 hour charge and it still flashes. I did the reset and it still flashes. Is this a problem with something else? I dead calling bose but I guess I have no choice.

  271. Ben says:

    Does anyone know how to solve the red light blinking problem?

    I have the AC power connected to the device (not through the tray) and press and hold Mute button for 10s, I can see the 3 white lights above Mute, Bluetooth and Aux lid up but when I release Mute it goes back to red blinking. If I keep holding Mute for much longer time after seeing 3 white lights nothing seems to happen.

    Really appreciate if someone can share how to recover it.

    I’ve tried to update the firmware but both my PC and Mac couldn’t detect it when I press and hold Aux for a long time.


  272. Ben says:

    Btw, my device got this problem because I did not use it for the pass several weeks. I reconnected the power adapter directly to the device and left it overnight hope it would charge it but it didn’t seem to help. The red blinking light doesn’t go away…

    • Dwight says:

      I just experienced the SAME problem. Haven’t been able to use my Soundlink ll for almost a year…until today when I read JR’s comment on here. IT WORKED! I plugged it into my laptop charger instead of the charger that came with it which I no longer have. The speaker is working FINE now after a year of sitting on the shelf. Can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have my Bose sound back. Try a more powerful charger. I’m leaving mine plugged in to completely charge. I’m one happy camper. Good luck with yours.

  273. Brian says:

    Thanks for this post. This helped me get out of service mode!

  274. Dwight says:

    I have a Bose Soundlink ll also and it hasn’t worked for some time now. I was finally able to get the flashing red battery symbol on it. I’m currently charging it. One question I have. Did your speaker work at all before. Mine wouldn’t even work with the power cord plugged in. Nothing, zip, zilch, nada. The red battery light is currently still flashing but I hope after charging awhile it might stop. Seems it should go to “charging” mode.
    I already spoke to Bose support and they wanted me to return it in exchange for a new Soundlink lll minus about $100 exchange credit.

  275. shakeel says:

    sir i have a bose soundlink bluetooth.for 1 month it work nicely then aftee i didnt used it for 15 days after when i m going to charge…the red charging light is not indicating nd the bluetooth is also notstarting can u help me out what to do

  276. victor says:

    Bose SoundLink not operate it. who hang permanently. how can i fix it. if the bluetooth was connected my soundlink will permanently hang . help me please

  277. Felipe Couto says:

    I reset my Soundlink Mini, pressing Mute button, but after that the 3 lights (MUTE, AUX, Bluetooth) didn’t turn off and the device don’t work. What I need to do?

  278. Marion says:

    Thank you so much! I thought the speakers were broken – your advice is brilliant! X

  279. Phil from Wales says:

    Thanks – that worked!!
    Now I can go back to enjoying 1989 on BBC Radio 6

  280. Patricia says:

    this reeeeallly help me to re-pair my speaker with my device, thank you a lot!!!!!!

  281. Linda Hay says:

    Thank you … pressed the mute button for 10 to 12 seconds, lights flashed, turned the speaker on and voila … seriously thought I was going to have to take it in for repairs or get a new one. Great advice.

  282. Drew says:

    My soundlink Mini 1 makes scratchy sound when connecting AC adapter
    (much like it’s attempting to make the original “bleeup” noise that prompts when connecting to an ac adapter.)

    Then the Red Battery light begings to flash at a medium to fast pace continously.

    Ive treid resetting, pulling the battery, charging for a couple hrs

    Still no power up with or without the adaptor aside from the red blinking light and the 3 white lights that flash when doing the reset.

    Could the Batteries be toast?

    Please help – Thanks

  283. Steve says:

    My Soundlink Color 2 NEVER shows a full charge ( solid green light ) blinking Yellow only and the Holding the Mute Button for 10 to 12 sec. does not fix it ….it never shows low battery ( Red ) or full charged ( Green ) it only has a blinking Yellow light while charging …It is a Brand New unit use less than 20 hours.. I had it on a charger for 24 hours to see if it would fully charge it did not show full charge Green light.. ever

  284. RG says:

    Awesome worked for me.

  285. felicia says:

    OMG. I needed to do the “RESET” by holding down the mute button while the device is off. it blinked on, then back off just like you said, then I went to YouTube and viola! thank you so much. I had been un-pairing and repairing which worked, but that stopped working on New Year’s Day. Had no clue. You are awesome!

  286. bnme2k2 says:

    Awesome!! It worked like a charm.

  287. Velvet1996 says:

    Thank you so much. This solved my problem!

  288. Tia says:



    I have the original Bose Mini Soundlink and the Bose Mini Soundlink II. I have to say that I’ve already had to send back the Bose Mini II for repair as the sound became scratchy. They fixed it and I put them side by side and I really feel the original Bose has better sound with a little more depth and more base.

    Either way, I do love these Mini Systems. I take them with me to hotels, on road trips, outside working in the yard, etc.

  289. Tia says:






    GO TO THIS BOSE LINK. http://btu.bose.com/index.html#section=device










  290. Julia says:

    It worked for me!!! THANK You. Bose was going to charge me $75.00 for a overhaul AND I’d have to pay UPS shipping.

  291. Dan says:

    Greetings Fellow Bosians, I have the soundlink Mini I. I left it off the charger for two days. Du=ring that time I used it through two different bluetooth devices. When I went to put it back on the charger it was showing no lights that it was charging. I reset the the device several times to no avail, then after the more then 20th time it showed it was charging. That lasted a few min and went back to no charging light. I have attempted to reset it numerous times but to no avail. It wont show it is charging……ARRRGH
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  292. bruce says:

    why is my blue tooth pairing icon showing in the power on spot , and i’m unable too pair speaker with iphone

  293. Thomas says:

    If you’re having trouble pairing your speaker to your iphone after an IOS software update, try this.

    Apparently the latest update to the IOS software is what was causing the bluetooth connection issues with my Bose Mini. Simply uninstalling the bluetooth connection from my iphone and then reinstalling the bluetooth link under my devices is all that was required. So if you have a connection issue after a iphone software update, you know what to do.

    Back to the music…

    Bruce, this may be your problem as well.

  294. Mark says:

    My Bose has a continuous red light when trying to charge it. It’s been charging for well over 6 hours and no change. Do I need a new charger?

  295. Robin says:

    Thank you!!! What a quick fix!!!!

  296. S Bagchi says:

    great !!! thanks a ton it worked !!!

  297. Tony says:

    There is no mute button. Do you guys actually know what you are talking about?!?

  298. Blair says:

    There is the beautiful mute button that has stopped my lights from flashing and so I could not update properly. I held that mute button for approximately 12 seconds and it turned off then I reset it with my iPhone it it works like a charm. Thanks very much and have a merry Christmas.

  299. Colin says:

    Followed your advise when repeated connection failed. Had to rid existing pair in iPad and reconnect. Thanks

  300. Johannes M says:

    So… I had exactly the same problem as you guys with my Soundlink Color 2:

    I didn’t use if for maybe like 2 weeks and then tried to use it, was able to connect but had no sound. So i reset it and suddenly it died. I tried everything written here and in the bose forums or support page to get it back to life – without success. I kept it connected to power all night because i thought that the battery was at a very low level – no success.

    This was I tried first (a couple of times):
    1. Connect to power (MAC/PC – not to wall socket)
    2. Press & hold multifunction button (the one between – and +) for 10-15s
    3. Disconnect from power
    4. Release the multifunction button
    5. Reconnect to power
    6. Try to start

    After point 6 it had the red power led blinking once… then nothing resulting in all 3 leds (power, bluetooth and aux) flashing once at the same time: dead again.

    So I tries this:

    7. Go to bose software update (http://btu.bose.com)
    8. Choose your Box (in this scenario Soundlink Color 2)
    9. Connect it with Bose cord to MAC/PC
    10. Install latest software
    11. Try to start

    After point 11 it was still the same… so i tried points 1-6 all over again, and a agian – no positive result.

    Here is what finally helped (most likely together with points 1 to 11):

    12. Connect Box to power (MAC/PC did the job for me – but maybe wall socket will work as well)
    13. Quickly unplug and replug the power cable from the box and repeat this as long until your box shows an response (for me like 10, 15 times?).

    After point 13 my soundlink color 2 once started, giving voice promts and turned itself back off again.

    Now I realised that the battery truely appeared to be at very low level. As I connected the box to power again, the power led flashed indicating a charing process (like always). I couldn’t turn it on at first, but after a couple of minutes later, I was capable to start the box and reconfigure it. Since then no issues.

    I hope this may help you guys. It did the job for me. I kinda googled and tried to play around with the box for like 2 days…. and i was really pissed….

    So good luck!

  301. Candace says:

    Thank you! I took the whole thing apart, that light was maddening, I’ve had this thing for a really really long time and I thought that was it. I had to reset and re-pair but it worked! Yaaaay!

  302. Bose SL is crap says:

    It’sa crap product. Real problems connecting to iPhone. Keep life simple and give this a swerve.


  303. John says:

    My Bose Soundlink Mini speaker wouldn’t connect to my bluetooth devices. Your suggestion for re-setting the speaker worked perfectly!
    Thanks much.

  304. Mick says:

    Thank you. Forgetting the device and then re-pairing was all I needed

  305. Bishop says:

    Thank you

  306. kath says:

    thank you so much! it worked! 🙂

  307. juan says:

    JUAN SAYS : tank you so much.

  308. cr says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! Time for audiobooks, again!!! (:

  309. DAVE says:


  310. Irma says:

    Thank you i might of tried almost everything i. Could remeber but guess not all thank you great help very useful we need more people like you in thos world

  311. Sam says:

    I have a Bose Soundlink Mini I can connect to my iPhone but after a short time of playing the speaker will stop playing the phone still shows the speaker connected, you can hear faint sounds of cracking/poping from the speaker then nothing. I’ve reset it multiple times by using the mute button and have removed the speaker from the phone and added it back.

  312. Saphie says:

    YES! Finally somethimg that worked the first time trying it. Thanks so much!

  313. baz says:

    worked absolutely perfectly hank you so much, you saved my life from annihilation. back to listening to A STATE OF TRANCE. BE IN THE MOMENT

  314. Pals says:

    I was afraid to ‘Ignore’ my Bose speaker in my iPad settings because I’ve read that some people have trouble getting it back after doing that but I followed the directions and it worked in seconds, after trying all night to pair up.
    Thank you!!!!!!

  315. Bradley J. Plohr says:

    I was not able to connect to my Bose Soundlink II Speaker, but resetting it follwing the instructions here (first paragraph) eliminated this problem easily and quickly. Thank you so much. Of couse, I should have remembered a cardinal rule: Read the [Expletive Deleted] Manual.

  316. Lois Hawkins says:

    Do I need to go through the resetting of the Soundlink Mini each time I want to use it? Resetting it as described above worked great – just hate to have to do it each time. It shows discoverable on Bluetooth but not Sound.

  317. Donna says:

    Thank you thank you thank you

  318. sam ni says:

    it work! thank you so much!

  319. Paul says:

    My soundlink III battery light changes colors. Sometimes orange, sometimes red, sometimes blinks. I unplug it and it goes solid green. What do these colors indicate?

  320. Bri says:

    Can’t beat a nine-year-old troubleshooting tip that takes 12 seconds and works the first time you try it. I thought my very nice, rather expensive but admittedly old speaker was trash.

  321. Jce says:

    It seems that if someone connects to the speaker perhaps at a party, it then needs to do a handshake to disconnect. It the connected device disapears ie in a taxi or the Bose battery runs out there is no handshake, the speaker then locks up.
    This is the only way to unlock it. Thanks

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