Q: How can I create a list of filenames in a folder on Windows

Have you ever wanted to create a list of all the files in a particular folder without having to type it by hand? A Course you have, installed of relating on image hacks or retyping the file names, use this great trick.

  1. Open the Command Line/Command Prompt (Need Help)
  2. In the Command Line change directories to the folder you want the list of files
  3. Once you navigate to the folder, execute the following command:
    dir > FileName.txt

    This command will include all the same data that you would get with DIR command – File Name, Size, Modified Date, etc. If you want a more simple output use

    dir /w > FileName.txt

    or more flexibility use

    dir /w > %USERPROFILE%\desktop\FileName.txt

    The above command will create a list of the filenames and place the output on your desktop as a File named: FileName.txt. Also note you can change the file name by replacing the “FileName” with a valid file name, don’t forget the “.txt” extension.

  4. That it, you should have a file named “FileName.txt” with all the files and folders along with the associated metadata.
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