Q: Does Windows 10 Mail App Support Unsecure Mail Accounts

Short Answer: No

As of March 2016

If you attempt to set up a POP3/IMAP mail account in the default Windows 10 Mail app, using an email account that does not support SSL/TLS and/or uses a different username from the email address. You will not be able to get Windows 10 Mail app to work correctly.

So if the following statements are true for your mail provider, Windows 10 Mail App will not work for you:

  • Different Username from Email Address
    E.g. Username: jsmith and Email Address: jsmith@example.com
  • POP3 and/or IMAP Servers use self-signed/expired/snake-oil certificates
  • Provider does not allow SSL/TLS support
  • In general the provider does not support encrypted/secure email services


1. Download and Use a Different Mail Client

2. Change Email Provider to a secure email service provider.

This article refers to a single regional service provider in our service area.

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