Q: Add a Email Signature to your Yahoo Mail Account

Do you need to add a email signature to all of your outgoing messages in your Yahoo Mail? Then follow the below steps.

  1. Log into your Yahoo Email
  2. Click “Options”
    Depending on the version of Yahoo Mail you are using, the “Options” menu could be in two different locations:

    • Classic Mail: On the Right Side of the screen above the messages
    • New Mail: On the Top Left of the screen next to Sign Out
  3. Then click “Mail Options”
  4. On the Options Screen that appears, click Signature under Mail Options on the left side of the screen
  5. In the right panel, the options for your email signature will appear.
  6. Change the Signature Option from “Do not use a signature” to “Show a signature on all outgoing messages”
    If you are using the New Yahoo Mail your options will be: Do Not Use a Signature, Show Plain Text Signature, and Show Rich Text Signature.

    • Plain Text Signature is only text without any formatting – bold, italics, type color, typefaces, etc.
    • Rich Text Signature is text that can be formatted using different text styles – bold, italics, type color, typefaces, etc.
  7. In the text box below the above option, insert the text you wish to have as your email signature.
  8. Click “Save Changes” above the Signature Panel. Now all messages sent from now on will have your new email signature.
  9. Click the Yahoo Mail Logo to return to your email

You should now have a signature on your outgoing messages from your Yahoo Email Account.

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