Windows Vista Hotfix Support Ends Today

Today, April 11, 2017 marks the end of support for Windows Vista.

What does this mean? If you are still using Windows Vista, your computer will receive its last group of Windows Updates and will not see any future updates from Microsoft. Your Vista based computer will continue to work but you will not get any security patches.

Microsoft Windows Vista was released in early 2007 to the general public. Upon its release many reviewers and tech professionals panned Windows Vista, because of its higher system requirements and buggy drivers. However, Windows Vista built the base for Windows 7, which was hailed as a better Operating System.

Even though many may have hated Windows Vista, I found it a refreshing vision of Windows. I personally used Windows Vista for my primary operating system until Windows 8 arrived.

So, today I honor Windows Vista, for the improvements that it brought to the computing landscape. Which made many people’s computing experiences better for it, even if they didn’t know that at the time.

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