Calling for FAQs & Screencast Ideas

In the coming days, we will be launching our refresh of our site and one of the main features is a refined Frequently Asked Questions section and the addition of screencasts. So we are asking our readers to submit your questions for the FAQ section and ideas and topics for future screencasts.

What is the FAQ section? : The FAQ – or Frequently Asked Questions – section is an repository of common and not-so-common questions. Our collection will contain FAQs focusing on our primary topic – technology (Networking, Computer, Software, etc). So post your ideas for FAQs in the comments.

What are Screencasts? : A screencast is the recording of a computer screen with narration, to discuss and explain a concept using video. The screencasts we will be creating will focus on the same topics as previously mentioned – technology. So if you have an idea, drop into our comment section and post your topics.

We are here to help you understand technology in the easiest way possible, through the redesigned FAQs section and the addition of screencasts — we will be on our way.

Post those ideas either in the comments of this post or via our contact page.

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