Mad Scientist Technologies Web Site Changelog

Project: Discontinue of Discussion Forums
Date: 24-November-2011
Completion: 7-January-2012
Description: The Mad Scientist Technologies Community Discussion Forums will be discontinue on January 7, 2012. The forums are being discontinued for the following reason: no engagement, registration spam, and maintenance cost.


  • Announced in Forums: 24-Nov-2011 – Completed
  • Announced on Front-page: 24-Dec-2011 – Completed
  • Publicly Close Forums: 7-Jan-2012 (at) 0:00 GMT – Completed

Last Updated: 9-Jan-2012 @ 7:37 GMT

Project: Site Transition to New Server
Date: 20-October-2010
Deadline: 10-November-2010
Expected Downtime: 2 Hours (Max)*
Actual Downtime: 0 Hours
Description: The web sites and web applications under the management of Mad Scientist Technologies will be transition to a new server at a new hosting company resulting in better performance and more features.


  • Prepare New Mail Server – 100% Completed
  • Prepare DNS for Transition – 100% Completed
  • Data Backup – 100% Completed
  • Database Backups – 100% Completed
  • Prepare New Server – 100% Completed
  • Move Data Into New Server – 100% Completed
  • Import Databases Into New Server – 100% Completed
  • Prepare DNS for New Server – 100% Completed
  • Check Functionality on New Server – 100% Completed
  • Final Checks – 100% Completed
  • Change DNS Servers – 100% Completed
  • Transition Completed – Completed

The Following features and/or sections are either being re-engineered or dropped in the move/realignment of

  • Support Forums: Transition to New System
  • Live Chat: Dropping, do to lack of uses and resource. May return if demand is high.
  • Support Ticket System: “Reply hazy, try again.” This section is being re-evaluated.
  • Appointment Scheduler: “Reply hazy, try again.” This section is being re-evaluated.

* Determined by DNS Refresh Rate Across the Internet
Last Update: 12-Nov-2010 @ 14:00

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