30 Years of the Mac

Thirty Years ago today, a product was released that would changed the computer industry forever. That product was Apple’s Macintosh 128k. This relative simple computer by today’s standards was anything but in its day, the first commercially available computer with a graphical user interface, used a mouse, and used a standard 3.5″ Floppy Disk. These features that we take for advantage today were not commonly available back in 1984. The PC user would not see the graphical user interface, in more common usage, until the release of Windows 95. With these new features Apple would go on to lead the industry in many future trends.

Macintosh 128k next to a Late 2013 iMac

Macintosh 128k and iMac Late 2013. Source: iFixit

Apple introduced the first Macintosh to the world via the 1984 Super Bowl Commercial, that most people have seen or heard about. However, we have embedded below for your nostalgic pleasure.

Everyone here at Mad Scientist Technologies would like to congratulate Apple for the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Macintosh, and a special thanks to The Macintosh Team and Steve Jobs for putting a ‘Dent in the Universe.’

Have a story about your first Mac, share it in the comments.

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